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Infrastructure is the lifeblood of any commercial or industrial environment. No matter what a business sells or what functions a facility carries out, they need the proper physical materials to make their space efficient. Can you imagine a car park with no lines marked down or a road with no asphalt? It just goes to show that the details we often take for granted just as often make all the difference. Whether you work in the public or the private sector, it’s always wise to consider the materials that make your work possible.

ANA Asphalt

One of the most valuable materials for many commercial and industrial outfits is asphalt since it is used in all manner of buildings and public works projects. Whenever you’re out for a drive, trying to find somewhere to park, or completing a job in civil construction, you’re going to run into (or over) a situation where asphalt is required. The company you choose to install and repair your asphalt can have a significant impact on the overall success of the project, so choose carefully. When you’re searching for asphalt companies in Newcastle, you’ll want to invest some real energy into finding a contractor who can provide high quality services.

Asphalt services in Newcastle can be accessed through several channels, but when it comes to a reliable contractor with a successful track record, many choose ANA Asphalts. ANA Asphalts is a family owned and operated business with over 50 years of combined experience working on asphalt projects of all kinds throughout the Newcastle area, providing a well-established option to private and public clients alike. Roads, car parks, pothole repairs and more are easily available when you call ANA Asphalts, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the quality of your work will be based on knowledge that’s been honed and refined over decades.

A Flexible Asphalt Contractor in Newcastle

ANA Asphalts offers services well-suited to many applications. Whether you’re looking for civil construction, bitumen spray sealing, road repair, or emergency repairs, ANA Asphalts offers professionals who are well-trained and ready to help. This flexibility extends to scheduling as well as to services provided since ANA Asphalts is available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. The ability to acquire premium service at any time puts ANA Asphalts in a unique position to help clients.

Comparing Companies and Equipment

You’ll want to do some comparison shopping when examining asphalt companies, and rightly so. One of the factors you should pay close attention to during your search is the quality of the equipment used by the contractors in your area. For instance, the ANA Asphalts fleet includes a 10-tonne tipper, a commercial line marking machine, a CC900 Dynapac steel drum roller and several other pieces of top-grade gear. To learn more about ANA Asphalts equipment, policies or prices, call today with your questions and find out how you can make asphalt work for your organisation.

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